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My teenaged daughter (15) and her friend went to see the Men in Black 3 movie at the cinema. They enjoyed it for what it was, a light- hearted 90 mins of entertainment. That evening a male friend of hers asked her what she’d seen at the cinema that day and she told him. He told her the MIB  was garbage and that she should see a real movie, and then proceeded to tell her that Promethius was a REAL movie, not a nonsense movie and she would have been better off seeing it instead. 

She told him that his taste in movies was obviously different to hers, not more valid, not superior, just different and that she was entitled to enjoy whatever movie she wanted without him mansplaining her about it. He used to do it with her taste in music too. He had never heard of mansplaining, but he hasn’t spoken to her since his introduction to the term. Hardly a great loss.  

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    You are amazing
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    An “opinion” is just a white cishet patriarchal construct made to LITERALLY RAPE minorities in their oppressed little...
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    Having different opinions is okay if you are a woman but mansplaining if you are a man?
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    Shame that.
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    You’d think this stupid woman would want her daughters to see the one with the female protagonist battling godlike...
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