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My brother and I hang out a lot because we are extremely close. Just this past year I became more actively interested and involved in feminism, causing me to be more aware of problematic language and actions, especially those of my friends and family members. 

My brother and father were in the kitchen and asked me to put on the kettle for some tea. I said sure, but asked why they couldn’t do it because they were standing right there? My brother told me laughingly that he had asked me to make tea “because I am a woman” and “no man would sully his hands with a menial task like that”. Obviously joking, but it made me angry and uncomfortable that he would say that. I told him so, and both he and my father shouted me down, explaining to me why that comment wasn’t sexist and why I was wrong to be offended by it. He then brought it up again later and made further hilarious sexist jokes in that vein. 

From then on (this was around Christmas), my brother has repeatedly baited me with intentionally rude and sexist comments, and then tells me I’m “overreacting” when I try to explain to why that’s not okay. 

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    What a shit head
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    It’s one of those situations where you wish you could just hit your sibling for being a shit-head
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    “Dude, you’re so edgy and politically incorrect. it’s totally ironic and satirical how you regurgitated those ancient...
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    Oh my god it’s like someone reached into my life and pulled out this post. I go through this with my 18 year old brother...
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    X(. Terrible. You could always make a meme of them for indefinite reblogging purposes.