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I was working the window at a fast-food joint that had surveys you could take; once you filled it out online, you’d get a number code that could be traded for a free drink. After I handed him his order, one man asked about it. “Isn’t there a phone number you could call instead?” he asked.

I said, “No, sorry, it’s just online.”

He gave me a weird look and then said, “Why don’t you go find your manager, honey, ask him if there’s a phone number I can call.”

My manager, Danielle, assured me it was only online. I told the customer as such, and he became angry. 

"Well, that’s just stupid," he said. "I don’t have internet. I’m not going to go out and buy a computer just because that’s what’s in fashion right now. I want to call a phone number."

I was astounded, and I didn’t know what else to say other than to repeat dumbly, “I’m sorry. It’s just online.”

"Well, good luck getting people to fill it out, then!" he laughed. "Internet surveys are scams, everyone knows that! The only way to do a real business survey is over the phone like everyone else!"

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    cringing so hard. SO HARD.
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    Besides sexist, this man is just an idiot.
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    Most customer satisfaction surveys actually do offer customers both phone and online options. By only offering theirs...
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    There is so much about this that makes me just wrinkle my nose. The assumption that of course the manager would be male....
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