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I was presenting recently at a philosophy conference called Philopolis in Montreal. It’s a fairly new conference, bilingual, includes participation by all 4 universities in Montreal, -UQAM, UdeM, McGill and Concordia- completely volunteer-run , but nonetheless,this year they managed to get world-renown feminist philosopher and MIT professor Sally Haslanger as a keynote speaker! I was incredibly excited, as were many of my friends to hear Dr. Haslanger talk, especially since Philopolis exists precisely, in part, because philosophy students wanted to address the lack of attention to feminist philosophies in current curricula.  Great talk. “Epistemic housekeeping and the idea of a ‘Masterpiece’ .” During the question period, quite a few people asked really interesting questions, and then this young man, looked to be about 19, raises his hand and proceeds to TELL Sally Haslanger what feminism is, what is isn’t and how it should be understood, and why feminist epistemology doesn’t make sense!!  Two seats away from me, Dr. Al-Saji, McGill’s philosophy chair is signaling volunteers to have them wrap up this guy’s comments. Sally Haslanger is infinitely gracious. So then manplainer guy waits around and attempts to take more of her time after the talk to continue giving Sally Haslanger the benefit of his wisdom. Next day, one of PhD students runs into mansplainer dude in between panels, and he tells her he felt he HAD to speak, even though he felt sure people would not agree with him, because feminists needed to be set straight about how philosophy should be!!!! I absolutely swear this is true, i wouldn’t think it could be, but yes, this 19-year-old ignoramus felt so intensely privileged and entitled that it made sense for him to have these kind of interactions with one of the philosophers who have helped define feminist epistemology, and who has probably been doing philosophy longer than he has been alive. 

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    UGHHHHHHH. This happened when I was at ICA last year in Phoenix. I was sitting in on a data journalism panel on the...
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    At the risk of being the bad guy, depending on his point, I might agree that feminist epistemology doesn’t make sense. I...
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    LMFAO montreal male philosophy students embarrassing themselves since for-the-fuck-ever
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