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A friend has an annual Christmas party. Every year it is attended by a nrather  pompous academic from the science side of the campus where I am an established member of the humantities faculty.  He always manages to mansplain something to me.  Last year he hit a tripple whammy.  Having asked been asked about my teaching, I explained that in the current economic climate my students had been finding my teaching on the Post-War Settlement interesting.  He told me he’d never heard of it, I explained it. He explained I might have got the phrasing wrong, he’d never heard it called that before. (1) Later on discussing the current state of public funded university education I suggested it was important to remember that academia is a job, and we are not alone in feeling threats to our stability.  Many workers in many sectors are under attack perhaps we should try and understand our individual position in the wider context. (I work on labour relations and leftist theory) He followed me outside when I went to check on the kids and asked me why I thought it was that I found it so hard to see myself as an academic, and instead saw myself ‘just as a worker’.  He explained I shouldn’t put myself down like that and I had a chip on my shoulder. (2)  Later discussing disparities between teaching loads accross the science/humanities divide, he suggested one problem was that humanities didn’t recruit enough post-graduates.  I told him I have eleven Phd students.  ‘You can’t’, he said, ‘that’s too many’. (and 3)

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