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So this happened to a professor of mine in class, not to me (I’m still an undergrad) but I think it still fits.  We had just received a paper back, which my professor graded using a numerical point system.  A guy in my class raises his hand and tells her that this grading system doesn’t make sense to him, because there’s no basis for it in his past academic career.  She should be using letter grades, because that’s how grades are done.  Her system, he says, makes no sense.  He goes on for a while trying to explain to her why it makes no sense, and how even though he gets he could just divide his grade by the total number of possible points for a letter grade, he is unsure if that is what she intends.  Even after she tells him that she doesn’t really consider the letter grade of the paper when making our final grades, but instead uses the number of points to grade us, he continues to push and insists that she somehow doesn’t understand her own grading system.  This guy has done this several times in several classes, trying to explain to our professor how *she* just doesn’t get the grading system, assignment, whatever.  It’s almost always actually a case of him not reading the syllabus, but who has time to do that?  Much easier to berate our professor for not doing things to his specifications, in a concerned tone of voice.  Ugh.

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    None of his teachers ever used a point system? o_O
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    This happens to me a lot.
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    Ew. What a tool.
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