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The other day my mother and her boyfriend were in the room next to me having some kind of conversation. My mother’s boyfriend asked “is Canada the third largest country in the world?” and in response my mother said “I believe we are second largest,”. He said “that didn’t seem right”. I said that I know for a fact we are the second largest. He asked if I had just looked it up on the computer (which is where I was sitting) and I said no. Now some of you may be familiar with the Arrogant Worms song Canada is Really Big. In this song there is a line that goes “We’re the second largest country on this planet Earth” and my mother asked if that was where I got the fact, since I know all the words to the song. I said no that is not where I learned the fact and was about to explain where it came from when I was rudely interrupted. My mother’s boyfriend said “don’t lie that is where you learned and continued to say no whenever I tried to explain. Finally I managed to say I specifically remember in my grade 9 geography room there was a world map with a list of largest countries by land mass and another for population and Canada was 2nd on the list for land mass. Well even with that explanation he seemed to believe it was false as if a certifiable map in my school could not possibly contain correct information and I can’t use my brain to store knowledge. However, if I had looked it up on Wikipedia I’m sure there wouldn’t have been a problem. This is only one of many occasions where I have stated a fact learned from a reliable source and he has refused to believe I am right until he looks it up on his phone. He is aware I am not stupid but apparently a young women is not allowed to remember facts and explain them as such. 

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