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I have a Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Serving as the English Language Coordinator I was working with a school leadership member and recommending that certain students obtain additional services based on a reading proficiency test and classroom observations. The admin member mansplained to me that all this was unnecessary as he had learned English through the hard way, not understanding would motivate the students to learn English. I tried to explain that although some students would benefit from this technique, a large percentage would feel further isolated and fail to thrive in such an environment. This particular admin member would continue to stop me on the stairways, copier room, faculty room to try to persuade me on how letting the students “toughen up” through letting them figure out the class on their own would be much more beneficial than what I was proposing. 

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    yuck. obviously if something worked for this guy, it must be the only thing that works and it must work for everybody...
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