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My newly installed fake-slate polymer roof tiles were deformed.  The roof installer brought in the president of the tile manufacturer to discuss the issue, as I wanted a new roof.  The meeting took place at my house at a time when I was nearly barefoot in flip flops and quite pregnant.  The president, in his best 1950s mansplain voice, prefaced the discussion with, “This may bore you” (which is code for “I know you don’t understand any of this but”  and let slip that these very tiles were prematurely bundled before they fully cooled, but that there was nothing wrong with them and it would be all right.  So, I let it slip that I was a Materials Engineer, whose very specialty was polymer processing, that I knew these tiles were thermoset polymers (just like tires) and that they would always remain deformed and keep the shape they were forced into before fully cooled.  I then told him he owed me a new roof, thank you very much.  He paused a moment, after which he said to his right hand man, “put a new roof on ASAP, and upgrade it”.  Maybe I helped change that group of men’s perception of womean???  Maybe not, but it sure was satisfying!

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