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For more information on mansplaining, please see Rebecca Solnit’s essay, now reprinted with a new introduction.

In brief, mansplaining doesn’t mean explaining while male; it means explaining while assuming you know more because you’re male. That is why it is different from ordinary condescension, or over-explanation by men to other men, or by women to other women, or by women to men.

This site errs on the site of publication. That is, it publishes posts that seem to be by actual women who actually feel they experienced mansplaining.

We take this approach because this site does not exist to determine what counts as mansplaining but rather to give women a forum to recount their experiences. Rather than trying to predetermine the line between sexism in general and mansplaining in particular, we prefer to include the range of posts we receive and let readers consider the demarcations themselves. 

For more information on who we are and why we do what we do, the following interviews might be of use:

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